• Created a trust/organization on 8/25/07.
    • Committee voted and established organization called Olney-Alger (Olney Post Office at Padgett place and Alger Post Office at Willis place).
    • Officers were elected, Florida State filing accomplished by Florence Sikes, Seacoast National Bank account established by Jimmy Padgett, and membership dues paid through Jackie Staats.
  • Get the Padgett Cemetery surveyed for actual location and property identification – Buddy Hair contacted Leland Dyals and arranged survey, completed on 1/21/08.
  • File a Historical Record with Florida Department of State for Padgett Cemetery – Florence Sikes filed the application as of 5/17/08.
  • Get permanent access and seek ownership of Padgett Cemetery – Jimmy Padgett contacted Anthony Young of Clear Title and Legal Services, waiting answer.
  • Create and maintain Web Site for access by all members – web pages created by Jimmy Padgett using www.olney-alger.org on 11/26/07.
  • View Willis Cemetery to determine future needs – Members visited on 5/17/08.  Future actions are TBD.
  • Continue research of recorded Deeds, Patents, Census, etc. regarding Cemetery properties and Residents during late 1800’s and early 1900’s – Dennis Padgett and Florence Sikes, ongoing action.
  • Establish an Active Membership list of names and addresses – Jackie Staats, ongoing action
  • Update and maintain gravesite recording for Padgett Cemetery and Willis Cemetery – Florence Sikes, near complete
  • Publish a book of Family information to be for sale – James Padgett.
  • Create Specialty Items for sale:
    • Photo Calendars – Jackie Staats
    • Family Picture Book – Joy Tuscani
    • Recipe Cook Book – Elaine Padgett
    • Lineage ‘T’ Shirts – Bridee Manning

  • Establish a Family Tree record (book/website) to be for sale
  • Establish a Padgett Reunion Planning committee for activities, etc.
  • Establish a Membership Applications Mailing List to all Descendents
  • Recording of Olney Place, Alger Place, Padgett Cemetery, Willis Cemetery

To contact webmaster send email to:  James Padgett  

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