A committee was formed to discuss the future of the Padgett/Willis family heritage and it was decided to establish  the Olney-Alger Family Trust Inc;  Olney and Alger were the names of the post offices in the late 1800’s operated by James T. Padgett and John Franklin Willis.  It was agreed that we should organize the family reunion(s), keep the family traditions/culture going for years to come, and manage/maintain the Padgett and Willis cemeteries.

The Committee decided to:

  • provide an internet web site for information about the Padgett and Willis families (for those having internet) the address is:  http://www.olney-alger.org/index.html
  • seek permanent establishment of the Padgett and Willis cemeteries by getting a survey(s), contacting the owner(s), getting legal advice, and (if required) go to court
  • determine if a newsletter of family births, deaths, special occasions and amusing stories is required
  • improve family reunion attendance and related activities and organize picture taking and a recording of attendees
  • act as a focal point for genealogy data as well as future updates of family history
In order to raise money for the internet and cemetery maintenance and reunion expenses, the committee determined that funding could be collected from dues each year and provide membership to the organization.  Please include your name and address and phone number when sending your dues.

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED.  For additional information contact Jimmy Padgett at (863)447-0875 or send email to James Padgett


The Committee


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