This is Celia Padgett with her husband; Dempesey Cain.
Celia was born on 16 Apr 1844 in Georgia, USA.
She died on 12 Aug 1925 in Roseland, Indian River, Florida, USA.
Robert Bowler, her first husband, was born 1817 in England.
He died on 26 Feb 1869 in Fort Pierce, St Lucie, Florida, USA.
Dempsey Cain, her second husband, was born in 1828 in Florida, USA.
He died on 2 Feb 1902 in Roseland, Indian River, Florida, USA.
Celia and Robert were married in 17 Mar 1861 in Volusia, Florida, USA.
Celia and Dempsey were married on 12 Apr 1871 in Brevard
, Florida, USA.

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